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Elite Foot & Body’s Specialized Therapy Services

Many of the therapy services performed at Midlothian, Texas’ Elite Foot & Body involve more than a massage. Some clients and certain types of pain respond better to advanced techniques for increasing blood flow and releasing muscle tension. Our licensed massage therapists have experience with various devices that improve muscle repair and promote musculoskeletal comfort. We can use therapeutic ultrasound technology to treat deep tissue injuries and muscle spasms. Compression boots can help athletes recover from intense workouts. Body contouring is a non-surgical method of tightening skin while reducing cellulite and fat deposits. All our therapeutic services give clients the ability to recover quicker and live better.

Man Laying on the bed and women giving massage therapy with the machine

Heal and Recover Sooner with Ultrasound Therapy Services

Elite Foot & Body ‘s ultrasound technology offers clients a completely noninvasive therapy service. Using sonic waves emitted from an ultrasound wand, heat and energy are transferred into the deepest layers of muscle and tissue, allowing them to release and relax. This process is beneficial on its own or in combination with massage therapy. One of the main benefits is called cavitation, which refers to a process where the ultrasound waves cause gas bubbles within tissue to expand and contract. Patients find this to speed up the healing of injured tissue and reduce recovery times from intense workouts.

Women wearing Compression Boots and laying on the chairs

The Many Benefits of Compression Boots

Elite Foot & Body ‘s compression boot therapy service promotes healthy blood flow and muscle healing by applying mild pressure on the legs for an extended period. Compression boots reduce swelling, improve flexibility, and reduce overall healing time by increasing circulation. This technique enhances the flow of the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system. While compression boots can help with muscle recovery and pain relief, a few health issues have seen especially significant benefits including neuropathy. Doctors and hospitals regularly use compression boots to help reduce the chance of blood clots after surgeries. Regular compression boot treatments reduce swelling and regulate blood pressure, which helps with episodes of nausea and dizziness due to blood pressure fluctuations.

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