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Elite Foot & Body’s Exclusive Membership Club

We offer monthly, noncontract memberships (minimum 3-month commitment) to include options of services for the client. There are a few different levels of membership that will allow as much access as you want to your favorite massage service. Having a monthly membership reminds you to come in for your massage, foot relaxation, assisted stretch, or compression boots before your body is in pain. Maintenance is key!

Two girls on the Reception desk asking for the membership

The Benefits of Having a Membership

Having a membership is helpful for a variety of reasons. First, being a member encourages you to come more often. Most forms of massage therapy are much more effective when performed regularly. Elite Foot & Body has seen that members get treatments much more often than non-members.  When a client is going to get regular treatments, a membership is also more cost-effective. Memberships are packaged like a bulk deal, making the overall price per treatment much lower than if bought individually. By becoming a member, you will save money and make it more convenient to treat yourself better.

Membership at Elite Foot & Body

Our membership is not just for individuals. Couples, families, and groups can all arrange memberships, packaging services together. Elite Foot & Body has a passion for working with local sports teams and schools. Often entire teams or athletic groups find it helpful to have a membership to encourage their athletes to take advantage of our performance-optimizing services. Businesses find it beneficial to provide memberships to their employees as a health benefit and find that more relaxed employees are more productive. Whether you are a local Panther trying to make varsity or a family trying to remain pain-free, we can arrange a membership package that suits your needs.

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