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Therapeutic Massage Services for Midlothian, TX

Our licensed therapists perform massage services at Midlothian, Texas’ Elite Foot & Body to alleviate muscle pain, increase flexibility, and provide many other benefits. The typical massage one might get at a spa will have the benefits of relaxation and increasing endorphins. Therapeutic massages are a different practice, though. A therapeutic massage is a technique that aims to alleviate specific issues or improve muscle performance. The massage therapist may use one or many methods to correct specific problems. Our massage therapy services include therapeutic massages, deep tissue massages, prenatal massages, and couples’ massages. Our team hopes that you can find peace and relaxation with us.

woman massaging calf

Recover Sooner With Elite Foot & Body’s Deep Tissue Massages

A deep tissue massage penetrates the innermost layers of the muscle, releasing built-up tension by applying firm pressure to the muscles and connective tissue. A deep tissue massage is a good treatment for chronic muscle pain, headaches, and breaking up scar tissue. Elite Foot & Body ‘s deep tissue massages have relieved countless patients of their chronic pain. Deep tissue massages are just as beneficial for healthy and athletically active clients. Deep tissue massages help muscles recover from the strain of regular exercise by reducing inflammation and increasing healthy blood flow. Our team can find areas of tension and unalignment holding you back and develop a plan to release it, making you perform better than you ever thought possible.

pregnancy massage

Relax and Alleviate Pregnancy Pains With a Prenatal Massage

Elite Foot & Body ‘s prenatal massages ease the discomfort and aches that come with pregnancy. Pregnancy is naturally a challenging process for the body. It inevitably comes with some level of pain and tension. Prenatal massages cater to the unique physiology of a mother-to-be, with a variety of positions that provide maximum comfort. Prenatal massages afford many benefits to those who get them regularly. The easing of muscle tension in places like the feet and back reduces rates of insomnia while alleviating muscle and joint pain. Prenatal massages also release positive hormones increasing clients’ mood and emotional well-being.

couples massage

Connect With That Special Someone Over a Couples Massage

The only thing that is better than a relaxing and healthy massage is getting one with your partner. Elite Foot & Body offers couples’ massages where partners or spouses can get therapeutic massages simultaneously. Clients love the soothing atmosphere of having their partner alongside them as their muscles loosen into relaxation. We combine a peaceful atmosphere with therapeutic methods of massage. Many people also find that they can relax more deeply into their massage because they are more comfortable with their spouse next to them. Make your next date night a couples’ massage.

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