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Therapeutic Massages with Cupping in Midlothian, TX

Elite Foot & Body, in Midlothian, TX, helps clients achieve the deepest levels of muscle relaxation with our cupping and hot stone massages. These advanced methods provide specific benefits, which clients can use on their own or in tandem with other therapeutic techniques. Muscle tension has more negative impacts on people’s health than they suspect. Strained muscles increase blood pressure and make a person more susceptible to anxiety and fatigue. Additionally, muscle tension is one of the most important factors when an athlete is recovering from a workout. Cupping uses suction to relieve pain by separating the muscle and fascia thus increasing blood flow to particular areas.

Rubber Cups Attached on the back

Find Yourself Through Elite Foot & Body ‘s Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a service that involves placing suction cups on a person’s muscle for a few minutes. While this technique may seem unconventional to the newcomer, it has been in use for over a thousand years. This method of decompressing muscle and connective tissue in strategic locations enhances blood flow to the region to improve muscle repair. Some have compared it to a reverse deep tissue massage because it pulls the muscle and tissue away from the body instead of pressing it into it. While this technique is beneficial on its own, Elite Foot & Body has found cupping and massages to be more useful when done together.

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