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Body Contouring in Midlothian, TX Can Bring Out the Best You

Elite Foot & Body provides non-surgical body contouring services to Midlothian, Texas. Body contouring is among the best ways to improve the appearance of skin and the tissue immediately underneath it. Our method of body contouring involves a vacuum roller massage and ultrasonic cavitation, which allows for the firm muscles underneath to be more visible. This process also helps eliminate difficult pockets of fat and cellulite. At the same time, it tightens and tones the skin. The procedure can be performed regularly and requires no recovery time, unlike more invasive forms of body contouring. The speed and safety of our body contouring method make it an easy way to look slimmer.

body sculpting image

Elite Foot & Body’s Specialized Approach to Body Contouring

Clients often wonder exactly how our body contouring works. In the simplest terms, we use light and sound waves to stimulate healthy activity in the skin, muscle, and subcutaneous tissues. Elite Foot & Body uses a specialized body contouring process that involves several techniques. Infrared light, LED light, and radiofrequency energies are all used simultaneously. When used together, these increase intracellular oxygen diffusion, which rejuvenates tissue. At the same time, a vacuum and roller bombard the tissue with ultrasonic waves. This chips away at subcutaneous fat, increasing metabolism and reducing the size of fat chambers. The method of applying all these devices in at the same time produces much tighter and younger-looking skin while smoothing out sections of cellulite and fat. This process is a specialized and tested approach that has shown stunning results for many clients.

What Body Contouring Can Do for You

The benefits of Elite Foot & Body’s non-surgical body contouring can be life-changing. It offers a variety of cosmetic benefits but also is advantageous to one’s health. By breaking up unhealthy areas of fatty tissue, the toned muscle underneath is made more visible. While the ultrasonic cavitation helps remove cellulite, it also increases circulation to the area. It encourages the metabolic system to focus on that area. Many of our clients thought their exercise routine wasn’t rigorous enough. Often, all they needed was a simple body contouring treatment to cleanse out old, undesirable tissue and let their healthy body shine through. However, a disciplined diet is always necessary to lose weight. Not even the advanced body contouring technique we provide can help you lose weight if you have a poor diet.

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