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Midlothian, TX’s Choice for Assisted Stretching

The assisted stretching we perform at Elite Foot & Body, in Midlothian, Texas, allows our clients to regain mobility and improve their current flexibility. One of the healthiest activities, next to exercise, is stretching. It improves physical performance and reduces the likelihood of injury. Often, stretching is one of the best ways to relieve muscle tension. Some stretches are difficult to sustain for extended periods of time. In an assisted stretching session, a licensed massage therapist aids in stretching. The goal is not to push a stretch farther than is comfortable or safe. However, support allows the client to relax their muscles deeper than while performing such stretches alone.

Doctor performing exercise on the patients leg

Get Into Peak Condition with Elite Foot & Body

If you have ever gone to a professional football or basketball game, you may have seen someone helping the players stretch beforehand. That is assisted stretching. Professional athletes use it because it improves performance and reduces the likelihood of injury. When we perform stretches normally, muscle groups remain engaged to hold the position. This makes it challenging to relax specific muscles fully. With one of Elite Foot & Body ‘s massage therapists helping maintain the positions properly, clients can get the most out of the time spent stretching. For healthy individuals, additional pressure in specific stretches can help develop levels of flexibility that they could not achieve with solo stretches.

Regain Your Mobility with Assisted Stretching

When someone is injured or in poor health, mobility becomes a major concern. Certain injuries limit mobility in ways that can cause a long-term spiral. Stretching requires not just flexibility to hold a position but also strength. Injuries and poor health can make it impossible to hold some stretches for any significant period, causing mobility to continue to worsen. With Elite Foot & Body ‘s assisted stretching, injured individuals receive help holding positions so their bodies can benefit from the stretch even if their muscles are not able to sustain holding the position. This allows clients to receive the benefits of stretching and improving their mobility without exhausting themselves. Additionally, our massage therapists can hold the positions in the right place, reducing the likelihood of injury and increasing the stretch’s effectiveness. We know how to guide someone through the healing process until they find themselves back to their usual, active selves.

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