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What Is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is massage that focuses on problem areas the client may have discussed with the therapist or the therapist finds during the massage. This can mean much of the massage time may be focused on some areas more than others. Be sure to discuss with your therapist if there is an area you do not want them to leave out.

What Services Do You Offer and What Do They Cost?

A detailed listing of the services and pricing at Elite Foot & Body is on our Facebook page and on our website. Memberships come as packages with a combination of these services. In which case, we would provide pricing based on the details of the membership plan. However, the services we offer include:

Massage, the natural pain and stress reliever!

  • Therapeutic massages
    30 minutes: $42.50
    60 minutes: $80
    90 minutes: $125
  • Deep tissue massages
    30 minutes: $52.50
    60 minutes: $95
  • Foot relaxation
    30 minutes: $22
    45 minutes: $33
    60 minutes: $44
  • Leg massage (great for athletes)
    20 minutes: $32
  • Prenatal massages
    30 minutes: $42.50
    60 minutes: $80
  • Couples massages
    60 minutes: $80/each
  • Ultrasound therapy
    Ultrasound: $25
    Ultrasound: $35 (w/10 min. massage)
  • Compression boot therapy
    15 minutes: $20
    20 minutes: $25
    25 minutes: $30
  • Non-surgical body contouring
    Body contouring: $249 (contact us for current specials)
  • Cupping therapy
    30 minutes: $47.50
    60 minutes: $90
    60 minutes: $105 (cupping w/massage)
  • Assisted stretching
    30 minutes: $42
    45 minutes: $57
    60 minutes: $74

Do You Accept Walk-Ins, or Do I Need an Appointment?

While Elite Foot & Body never turns away a client when we have an available massage therapist, we do suggest clients schedule an appointment. Having an appointment ensures we can have someone available for the client and prevents clients from waiting long for an available team member. There are three convenient ways clients can schedule an appointment. Clients can schedule an appointment simply by contacting us via Facebook Messenger. Our website also has an appointment request form, or you can schedule an appointment by calling us directly at 214-817-8545.

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

When Elite Foot & Body reserves an appointment time for one client, we often turn away other clients who would otherwise use that time slot. However, we understand things happen, and you might need to cancel or reschedule from time to time. So, we offer no-penalty cancelations up to twenty-four hours before the date and time of the appointment. Clients can still cancel or reschedule an appointment less than twenty-four hours beforehand, but they will pay a 50% service fee. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday appointments are always in exceptionally high demand, so they require a credit card when booking.

Do you accept HSA card?

Yes, as long as the card has a visa or mc logo it will be accepted at checkout.  This is a great way to take advantage of savings.

Does Elite Foot & Body Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do! You can purchase an Elite Foot & Body gift certificate through the e-card link in our Facebook bio or on our website. Our e-card gift certificates will be e-mailed directly to the recipient, or you will have the option to save them and deliver them yourself. We also sell gift certificates directly at our office.

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