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Natural Wellness Remedies at Elite Foot & Body

At Midlothian, Texas’ Elite Foot & Body, we provide natural remedies to relieve tension and pain in a way that improves clients’ physical and mental health. We have a team of licensed massage therapists available to help identify problem areas and treat them with a variety of services. We received a nomination for Best New Business in Midlothian because of the elite service we bring to our clients and our community. We help clients of all ages and physical needs, from athletes looking to optimize their performance to those with injuries seeking to regain mobility. It is our mission to see everyone improve their health using our various therapeutic services.

Learn About Our Team of Friendly Professionals

We have a large team to provide clients with specialists and services that suits their needs and personality. The Elite Team is a group of professionals dedicated to helping all clients reach their peak performance. While most of our team members have a wide range of expertise, we have specialists in foot relaxation, assisted stretching, deep tissue massages, and more. With a variety of specialists, we have therapists that can treat even the most challenging issues. Additionally, we have a strong commitment to fair and friendly treatment for all customers. Clients come to Elite Foot & Body because they like, know, and trust us.

Angela Lopez, LMT - Owner of Elite Foot & Body

Angela Lopez, LMT

Owner of Elite Foot & Body

Angela is the founder and owner of Elite Foot and Body. She attended school in Dallas, TX and received her Massage Therapist License in 2010, and has been a resident of Midlothian since 2007. Her passion is to provide a service that is needed in the Midlothian, TX area. Since opening Elite Foot & Body in May 2020 (YES! During a Pandemic) we have been able to help many clients with pain, tightness, stress, and increase range of motion daily. It is her mission to see Elite help clients of all ages improve their physical health using our various therapeutic services. Check out our services and see what we can do for you!

Vanessa Two Lance, LMT

Vanessa Two Lance, LMT

Vanessa graduated in April 2021 from the North Texas School of Swedish Massage in Arlington, TX. Vanessa started at Elite in August 2020 as a Foot Specialist. She found a love and passion for helping others feel their best and immediately registered for school to start her training.

Since wrapping up her training in the Spring of 2021 she has been highly requested for Therapeutic Full Body and Deep Tissue massages. We are excited to see her grow as one of our newer therapists!

Availability: Tuesday - Wednesday 10-3pm; Friday 12-7pm; Saturday 10-6p; Sunday 12-6p

Marcus Houston, LMT - Assisted Stretching


Marcus graduated in 2016 from Parker University of Massage in Dallas, TX. Marcus is our Corrective Licensed Massage Therapist and specializes in Therapeutic Full Body, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Assisted Stretching.

Marcus has been with Elite since Spring 2020. He takes pride in assisting those with different levels of ailments physically. He treats clients of all ages; kids, teens and adults. Marcus has studied and is equipped and qualified to aid with Assisted Stretching to help promote and improve performance of an athlete or range of motion in adults. Marcus is able to provide a detailed massage therapy plan that will help you get back to the TOP OF YOUR GAME!

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Aaron Mata, LMT

Aaron graduated in March 2021 from Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy School in Arlington, TX. Being an avid athlete in High School he found a passion for wanting to help other athletes heal physically and recover faster to get back to their sport. He knew massage therapy was the way to go! Aaron has decided to continue his studies and recently returned to school for Kinesiology to be able to provide additional therapeutic care to his clients.

Since joining the Elite team in April 2021, Aaron has become highly requested for Therapeutic Full Body and Deep Tissue Massages.

Availability: Saturday 10-5pm & Sunday, 12-6pm

Mia - Foot Relaxation Specialist

Mia Rosario

Foot Relaxation Specialist

Bio Coming Soon!

Availability: Coming Soon!

Juliana Vargas

Manager / Body Contouring Specialist

Juliana currently serves 2 major roles at Elite. She is the face to greet all of our amazing clients. She is certified to perform Ultrasonic Cavitation & RF Vacuum Roller services (see description under services). Her intentions are to help every client meet their goal and educate them on the service. You may also book with her for classic set lash extensions!

Tannis Owens

Corporate, LMT

Tannis is Elite's corporate massage therapist. She provides on location massages for businesses, events, etc. Tannis has been a licensed massage therapist since 2017 and is a graduate of Parker University. Her expertise is therapeutic, deep tissue and sports massage. If you are looking to provide a great incentive for your employees, this would be a great service.

Massage Therapists That Care About Midlothian, TX

Elite Foot & Body believes that being a business means participating in the community in a way that gives back as much as we have received. We work closely with booster clubs and local sports teams, like the MISD athletes. We also maintain a close and positive relationship with the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce. For our team, it is not enough to simply help our clients improve their well-being. We are on a mission to help improve the well-being of our community through our mastery of massage therapy services. With the community’s help, we have built a team that delivers natural remedies that improve the state of people’s lives. With our understanding of the area, we can provide natural remedies for the community to make everyone happier and healthier.

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